Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Global warming-climate change

Due to global warming, climate change could no longer be avoided actually it is already happening here in the Philippines.

I remember during my high school days my teacher in physics define conservation of energy say: Except nuclear reaction, energy can not be created nor destroyed but it can only be transformed. but now a days due to global warming and climate change, Energy, due to the virtue of nature will find a suitable place.

Example for this is the changing path of tropical storm here in tropical country (Philippines) Before, storm develops on approximate position 14N 140E slowly moving west as low pressure and finally intensifies as
storm curving to north west or similar to hit philippines but now they had changed their path. Now it always
originate on 05N 140E as low pressure and moves west heading for south Philippines. People on that area
are not so well prepared for that kind of weather but they must learn how to adopt.

Also I've notice that the path of Hurricane Sandy is very unusual because she must follow the path of previous hurricane to move North East or North North East then subject to dissipate but what happen is that she moves to NorthWest direction so New Jersey and New York was devastated of that hurricane, We can confirm this path on the next hurricane season.

Climate change is only starting and this is a sign of warning to us, Since typhoon is a form of energy and also
coral reef is also a form of energy, the rule for conservation of energy applies and once coral reef has a sign of changing its color a sign of dying, then we could no longer rebuilt them, They will grew in a place suitable for them with the weather condition. Beautiful beaches may soon disappear but it will take several decades or even more.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Global warming Climate change

The constant rising in temperature of the earth for the past decade makes a result of climate change. It seems unavoidable, on the other hand the complexity of this equation is on our hand by now. The track of typhoon had change, coral reef turning to be at their end.